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Hosted by John "hex" Carter, The Hex Grid was a podcast showcasing nerd music as well as interviews with members of the nerd music community. The show centered around Hex digging deep into his personal archives to uncover songs so rare that he may be the only one left with a copy. It was originally distributed as a stand-alone podcast, part of Nerdy Show's in-house produced content but separate from Nerdy Show itself and was released as the part of "Tunesday" music-focused programming, alternating with The Real Congregation every Tuesday.


The Hex Grid was created to better showcase nerd music on Nerdy Show, after a slight format shift early 2012 in which Nerdy Show switched to single-song breaks over the double song blocks they'd been using since their time on WPRK. The show ran intermittently, often going on lengthy hiatuses when Hex had to focus attention on running Nerdapalooza. In early 2014 it was announced that Hex Grid was over and that The Nerd Groove hosted by Dr. Vern of Sci-Fried and Nerdy.FM would take over as The Nerdy Show Network's monthly nerd music show.

Special Guests

  • Matt Sever and Josh Mirman (Episode 2)
  • Stevo "Level 99" Bortz (Episode 3)
  • Wordbruglar (Episode 4)
  • Brentalfloss (Episode 5)
  • Walt Ribeiro (Episode 6)
  • Jerry Buckner of Buckner and Garcia (Episode 11)
  • Schaffer the Darklord (Episode 15)


# Title Original Release Date
01 Maverick Rising March 21, 2012
02 Bruceman! April 18, 2012
03 VGMix May 2, 2012
04 The Wordburglar May 16, 2012
05 Brentalfloss June 20, 2012
06 For Orchestra June 27, 2012
07 Musical Resuscitation January 15, 2013
08 MAGFest 2013 January 29, 2013
09 Valentine’s Day Special February 12, 2013
10 How Do Podcast? February 26, 2013
11 On the Shoulders of Giants March 12, 2013
12 Just Another Hex Grid March 26, 2013
13 Waterlogged April 9, 2013
14 Harder Better Faster Stronger? I DON’T EVEN KNOW HER!! April 23, 2013
15 Nerdapaseries 1: Schaffer the Darklord July 16, 2013