Pokéballs of Steelix

Pokéballs of Steelix is a Pokémon Tabletop RPG podcast. It's set 37 years after the original Pokémon series and follows a crew of mismatched, inexperienced Poké-trainers as they through the Kanto.


Follow super-determined trainer, Darin, the always hungry ex-Ranger, Jumanji, Gary Oak enthusiast, Martin, 30-something delinquent, Jamesy, and Tark – the boy raised by Totodiles as they scramble to make their own destinies and prove that they have… Pokéballs of Steelix!

Cast & Characters

  • Darin - Played by "Triforce" Mike Pandel
  • Jamesy - Played by Brandon Gerson
  • Jumanji - Played by Jonna Lybrand
  • Martin - Played by Tony Baldini
  • Tark - Played by Cap Blackard
  • Percy Pokéwitz Played by Cap Blackard
  • Gary Oak - Voiced by Cap Blackard


# Title Original Release Date
00 Pokesode Plaid April 14, 2011
01 Smell Ya Later October 6, 2011
02 On the Road to Pewter Citay Janurary 5, 2012
03 Kanto We All Just Get Along? March 6, 2013
04 Between A Rattata & A Hard Place April 24, 2013
05 All Washed Up! August 7, 2013


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