The Nerdy Show Network features podcast, videos, article series, and web comics.


Nerdy Show, the podcast which launched the Network, is responsible for producing a large number of shows on the Network. Other shows are produced by affiliates. There's often crossover between Nerdy Show and the hosts of other podcasts in the "Nerdy Show Family", especially in Nerdy Show Microsodes. The podcast content on the network can often be broken down into two categories: discussion-based podcasts, and roleplaying podcasts.

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Nerdy Show's article content consists of reviews and editorials, as well as occasional article series.

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Main article: "Triforce" Mike Pandel

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Video content is posted irregularly. Outside video content was originally published under the Nerdy Showcase branding.

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Various web comics have been published by Nerdy Show, both one-shots and on-going series. Nerdy Show also on occasion publishes their own comic books or has affiliated work featured in other physical books.

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  • Lefty & Jamela
Main article: Dungeons & Doritos

Comic BooksEdit

  • Dungeons & Doritos
Main article: Dungeons & Doritos
  • A Comic Book
Main article: A Comic Shop


Often a part of a running gag, some in-house Nerdy Show ideas take on a life of their own, much like Dungeons & Doritos. These side concepts often have appeared in podcasts first and then take shape in other mediums as well.


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