All Nerds Must Be Eaten Full Episode ListEdit

After a night of heavy drinking, our protagonists awaken and realize they're about to be late to an awesome line up of bands. Hurrying to the hotel lobby, they encounter a different kind of crowd than they had anticipated.

Ep. # Title Air Date
01 Nerdpocalypse Now July 20th, 2012
02 Riots and Revelations September 7th, 2012
03 Lair of the King November 16th, 2012
04 Mostly No Mercy TBA


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Episode 1: Nerdpocalypse NowEdit

Nerdapalooza is upon on us again. However this year the festivities are cut short as the zombie apocalypse begins. Follow our survivors as they go through the disappointment of missing out on Adam WarRock and have to step up to help save the Nerdy Show Crew from becoming dinner.

Episode 2: Riots and RevelationsEdit

As news of the zombie outbreak gets worse and the police start quarantining Orlando, the gang are going to have to find somewhere safer than the Nerdy Show house. Supplies are running low; but with the public getting tense, restocking important items might not be as easy as they thought.

Episode 3: Lair of the KingEdit

Things are looking serious. It’s about as serious as Daniel in the lions’ den, in fact. Actually, that’s basically what’s happening right here. Except instead of some Biblical fella, it’s a bunch of nerds. And instead of lions it’s crazy people. And instead of coming out entirely unharmed, we’re all going to die.

Episode 4: Mostly No MercyEdit

I think I saw this in a videogame once…

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