"Jailbreak!" is the debut episode of Dungeons & Doritos Book III, and the 27th episode overall in the series. It was released on February 3, 2014, following the two-part prologue "The Quest for Free Drink" which which bridges the events of book II and III.

"Jailbreak!" follows the events of "The Quest for Free Drink", in which Barty was captured by his nemesis Black Pepper Jack. The episode sees the party reuniting after a break in adventuring to rescue there comrade from a dank prison and the hands of the fiendish torture who has summoned an ancient evil.

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After saving the multiverse from annihilation and the surprise incarceration of Barty, all the principal characters have gone their separate ways.

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Outtakes and a deleted scene from this episode were issued as a Support Perk. Unlike most other episodes, the deleted scene is considered fully canonical and is a prologue filling in the gap between "The Quest for Free Drink" and "Jailbreak!"'s start.

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Galdap introduces the "Jailbreak!" prologue as it would have been introduced were it a part of the episode. The sequence is narrated via entries from Jamela's diary and Vimak's journal. Lefty & Jamela figure out Barty's crystal scam and profit from it. Meanwhile, Vimak gets sidetracked in his attempted return to the Ironback Mountains and becomes the mysterious protector of a small village. Worm approaches Lefty with information about Barty and she and Jamela track down Vimak.

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  • "Jailbreak!"'s episode art is a parody of Jim FitzPatrick's album art for classic rock band, Thin Lizzy's 1976 record Jailbreak. It was drawn by Cap Blackard.
  • The "Todd Mills Suite of the Locos Tacos Hotel" mentioned in the deleted prologue is a tribute to the late creator of Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos, Todd Mills.
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