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Ghostbusters: Resurrection is a roleplaying podcast syndicated on The Nerdy Show Network. The first season was originally distributed via the GBR Tumblr and later republished on Nerdy Show.[1] The second season, called Ecto Alert, began running in in February 2013. New episodes are currently being released monthly on Wednesdays.


It’s been over twenty years since the world was last saved by The Ghostbusters of New York[1]. Ghosts are a rare sight these days and people have once again grown skeptical. But now, ghost sightings are on the rise in Central Florida. In a desperate attempt to keep the state's image as “the vacation capital of the world” unbesmirched; the mayor cuts a deal to start a new ghostbusting franchise in Orlando.

Enter five loveable slackers who are desperate for a quick buck and a change of pace. LaForge (the muscle), Bjornstad (the cool), Briggs (the brains), Wall (the moves), and Poole (the heart) soon find themselves in way over their heads as an ancient evil force threatens to destroy humanity!

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Season 1 (2012)


The Central Florida Ghostbusters embark on a series of misadvenures which ultimatley leads to a confrontation with a supreme being determined to take over the world.


  1. First Bust!
  2. The Haunted Grove
  3. Technical Difficulties
  4. The Mutineer
  5. Disconnected
  6. Ready To Believe It, Or Not!
  7. King Takes Knight
  8. Babymen
  9. Big Trouble in Little Vietnam
  10. The Slime Center
  11. Face to Maw
  12. Pyramid Scheme
  13. Horizon of Oblivion
  14. Epilogue

Season 2: Ecto Alert (2013-2015) 


When the International Ghostbusters go missing somewhere in Europe, the Central Florida Ghostbusters are called in to help solve the mystery of their disappearance. It's not long before they stumble into danger and embark on an epic trip that’ll make the last time they saved the world look like a piece of cake.


  1. Rock Bottom
  2. Tailwind Terror
  3. Containment Crisis
  4. Wolf's Bane
  5. Where Wolf
  6. Spectral Training
  7. Soupe Esprit
  8. Numb Skulls
  9. Gut Busters
  10. Artistic Liberties
  11. Gooper Scoopers
  12. Vampire Ambassador
  13. Ghost Riders
  14. Castle Crashers
  15. Fur On
  16. My Big Fat Carpathian Wedding
  17. Epilogue

Cast & Characters

The Ghostbusters (Player Characters)

  • Briggs: "The Brains"
  • LaForge: "The Muscle"
  • Poole: "The Cool"
  • Wall: "The Moves"
  • Nina: The receptionist/part-time Ghostbuster. (Plays in Season 2)
  • Bjornstad: (In "retirement" after Season 1)


  • Tobin: The dog.
  • Doug: The GM aka "General Manager" of the Central Florida Division.
  • The International Ghostbusters
    • The Medic, The Heavy, The Spy, The Demoman, and The Sniper
  • Billy Bishop: "The Scout"

Special Character "Appearences"

Other Episodes

Nerdy Show

# Title Original Release Date
122 The Future Is Now February 4, 2013
138 Microsode 2-Pack – James Bond & H.P. Lovecraft May 20, 2013

Nerdy Show Prime

Title Original Release Date
Bustin’ with the Ghostbusters – Part 1 October 7, 2013
Bustin’ with the Ghostbusters – Part 2 October 28, 2013

Derpy Show

# Title Original Release Date
35 Derpy Show Gets Busted October 25, 2013

Film Commentary

# Title Original Release Date
~ Ghostbusters Film Commentary December 24, 2014
~ Ghostbusters 2 Film Commentary July 8, 2015


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