Dungeons & Doritos is a roleplaying podcast set in a medieval fantasy realm loosely based on the world of Dungeons & Dragons. It began as a one-off episode in Season 2 of Nerdy Show and became the second original show on The Nerdy Show Network.

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The series primarily follows the adventures of Jen’Ifer a Tiefling played by Brian Clevinger, Jamela Dalla Egberte III a Dragonborn played by Cap Blackard, Vimak a Goliath played by John "Hex" Carter, and the chair-turned-dwarf, called Chair played by "Triforce" Mike Pandel. Later, Barty Gleem'n a human rogue played by Colin Peterson and Lefty Corney a pirate queen played by Lefty Lucy joined the group.

Cast & CharactersEdit


Jen'Ifer Edit

Player: Brian Clevinger

Class: Warlock

Jamela Dalla Egberte III Edit

Player: Cap Blackard

Class: Invoker

Vimak Edit

Player: John "Hex" Carter

Class: Shaman

Chair Edit

Player: "Triforce" Mike Pandel

Class: Tank [Played as a Warden during early campaigns]

Chair is a dining room chair that was transformed into a dwarf. Presumably the magics involved in his transformation gave him the gift of speech and some basic cognisance, but no social mores. He's filled with child-like wonderment and revels in physical experiences. He also hates clothes, is filthy, and is lethal with a blunt instrument. The whys and wherefores of his transformation are unknown, but it's presumed that he was left in a cabin in the woods for some time before he was discovered by the party.

Bartholomew "Barty" Aelfgar Gleem’n Edit

Player: Colin Peterson

Class: Gleeman

Lefty Corney Edit

Player: Lefty Lucy

Class: Swashbuckler


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